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Read these recommendations for the services we provide. These are real people with real experiences who have greatly benefited from our program. 

Having prior knowledge of the test and how it is set up was the most significant difference in getting a high score. I was happy to see that by taking the practice test prepared me to do well on the postal exam! The practice test gave me the chance to improve not only my score but the time it took to take the test. Without the help of this service, I would have entirely unprepared for this exam and would have most certainly had to wait 4 months for a chance to retest. I cannot thank the job support services for the help. I also received great information on the videos on how to approach my interview and tips and techniques on how to impress and excite my interviewer. The upfront cost was reasonable and well worth being hired as a postal carrier. After being hired, I am recommending this service to all of my friends who have recently left the military as a helpful tool to help them move forward in a civilian career. I hope that this helps some of my fellow veterans find good stable careers in the United States Post office allowing them to continue serving. I know that I am proud to continue to serve my community after I have served my country. This program allowed me to interview for 6 jobs; this gave me the option to pick the Post Office of my choice which just happened to be in my hometown of Bixby Oklahoma. Thank you job support services!

Robert B.

Rural Route Carrier Associate

Your website was straightforward to maneuver through, and the price for your course was very reasonable. I watched all the videos, read all the manuals and recommended books, and took all the practice exams. They kept track of my scores so that I could retake the sections that I needed to do better in.for how long I wanted to practice. There was no limit to how many times I could take the exams and no time expiration When I took the actual exam it was almost exactly like the practice exams. I would never have scored as high as I did without taking this course first. The website had a direct link to the job search section of the USPS official site which listed all the job openings in my entire state and refreshed every day. They told me the best way to search for job openings and what techniques did not work. Then your website helped me locate job openings in my area and helped me through the application and interview process. I applied at several different post offices and ended up getting exactly the right position for me; I am very grateful that I discovered this website because I have always wanted to work for the post office but had no idea how to go about it. Thank you for getting me my job. I will recommend this website to anyone who would also like a job with the post office. Anybody would benefit mightily from it.

Lyle D.

Assistant Rural Carrier

I signed up for Job Support Services program two months ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made. They helped me through every step until I got hired with the USPS. Every time I called them with a question related to hiring process they always explained me very well and clearly. I am so happy that I chose their program, they are the best. I personally recommend to everyone should use there services. Their staff was accommodating and always went out of there way to explain the process easier so that you avoid confusion. I am so thankful for the help and patience they showed me in the hiring process. Job Support Services does a fantastic job. I had a horrible experience with another company, but you guys are amazing you are giving five-star service. I know a few other people at my workplace who also used them in the past and could not say enough about them as well.  For me, they were a lifesaver, and after being unemployed three months, it has changed my life. 

Kanwar D.

I want to thank Job Support Services for all the help they provided me in applying for a position with the  US Postal service. After using their exam simulators, I scored over 80 percent and received an invitation to the interview. I passed the background check and the drug test and got hired the next week. I love my job, and I have a great postmaster. The process took just over a month, but they kept me focused and walked me through every step. I cannot thank them enough, and I recommend this program to anyone who wants to apply with the US Postal Service. I could have never made it through the process without their help.

Thank you  

Parul T.

PSE Window Clerk

This support program provided me with all the tools needed to get hired with the United States Postal Service. It let me know what to expect every step of the way. It helped me with the job search, explaining every type of job and what to expect from each position. It was beneficial illustrating the process, start to finish.

The practice exams were beneficial in preparing to take the first and second parts of the United States Postal Exam. Without the practice exams, I don’t think I would have been able to pass the exam. After passing the exam, the steps shown helped in preparing for the interview.

All in all. This program is beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking employment with the United States Postal Service!~

Kevin from Arizona

Rural Carrier Associate, USPS

The service you provided was very helpful. It helped me learn the layout of the format of the test. I’m very thankful for what you guys provided. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone attempting to land a job at the United States Postal Service. In particular the book you recommended called the Fred factor was also very helpful. I was able to read through the book and use that in my interview which I believe gave me a heads up. I was well prepared thanks to you. I believe your service will not only help me like you did but help others in the future as well. Without your services I’m not sure if I would’ve been as prepared as I was. To conclude your services are very helpful, organized. Thank you very much.

Tim Edgar

You guys have helped me get into the Post office and have my life career by letting me study with a really good online course. It let me study for a good month. It prepared me for everything on the actual exam. It really helped me with memorizing addresses and numbers really good. It was affordable and let me make payments for the test. It even let me go back and see my scores and I could re-take a test if I didn’t do good at one. The timing really helped me get faster at the testing . When I went to take the test I was really prepared and at the testing center it was nice and peaceful. I was prepared and took the test in a really good time. Now that I have been working for a couple months I am now seeing how much the program really helped me prepare for my career. Thanks so much.

Melissa Brummond

Job Support Services helped me get hired by offering me with a useful study guide based on everything I needed to know about the United States Postal Service. I was able to practice everyday anytime I needed to. The setup of the study guide provided to me was very easy to use and fairly easy to understand. I obtained a lot of helpful information with the videos and booklets available on the Job Support Services site. Not only was I able to soak in a lot of information but I was also able to take practice tests on each of the four sections about the postal service. All the tests gave me feedback on my performance. I was able to pinpoint what I needed to improve on and also what I did well on. Usually I would have been okay about passing with a C on the test but the Job Support Services site challenged my knowledge and efficiency by encouraging me to score in the 80’s – 90’s…which I did thankfully. I scored a 80% on the 473 postal exam on my first try. For me it was a big deal considering the fact that I’m only nineteen years old. I enjoyed being my own teacher. I plan on passing this site on down to others so they can see how easy it is to score above average on the 473 postal exam. The task I found most challenging was being able to have sharp speed but other than that it was a piece of cake. Thank you Job Support Services

Ahnihx Barfield

I am writing to let you know that the practice test was great for me. They allowed me to be able to see how the postal test would be. I was able to practice the test until I was able to score high on the practice test. It also allow me to be able to focus more in order to memorize addresses, along with streets and zip codes along with the names of the people that live at the address. I appreciate the info that was given and it helped me reach a goal that I was reaching for in the USPS

Areion Arnold

Words can’t describe how awesome the job services support program is. When I first started off I was really nervous and scared. I didn’t think I would be able to pass and thought it was going to be tough. As soon as I called and spoke to a representative the feelings that I had went right out the window. It gave me the courage and hope to continue to press forward. Every representative that I spoke to was always very friendly and helpful. Every staff member wanted you to succeed. I am very thankful that God Blessed me with this opportunity to start a career with the US Postal Service. With this job I’m able to support my family more now. It brings me to tears knowing that I’m able to get my 2 year old daughter the things that she needs. Also be able to provide even more support for my wife. I love the Support Program. I would definitely recommend this program to all of my friends and anyone that I know. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Anyone that follows through with this program will definitely be a winner. I can’t imagine how many lives you have impacted with being so helpful, friendly, and supportive. I can’t wait to apply everything that I’ve learned. I will definitely spread the word around if anyone needs help with obtaining a job to definitely go through and use the support program. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart I’m truly thankful.

Mosieo Boone

Registered with Job Support Services on 10/4/2017 and got hired on 11/4/2017

After practicing with your tests after a few days, I confidently walked into the postal exam and scored a 87.2. Although this wasn’t as high as I would have liked, my interviewer said I had scored a lot higher than most of the people in my group. I then started applying everywhere like the program had mentioned and I finally got a position that I really wanted. I took the CCA position. I met a lot of people that had no idea that you could actually practice for the test with programs like yours. I was so happy I stumbled upon your program and made the decision to make the investment. I have now done my shadow day, two days of orientation, and today I just completed my defensive driver course. I am scheduled for a driving test this Saturday and upon completion I will be going to CCA Academy school for four days. I am so excited to begin my career. I have met so many awesome people in the last few days and look forward to having a long career with the USPS. I will be working at the AirPark office in Scottsdale, AZ. I have already met some of the veteran carriers working at my post office that look forward to helping me succeed with the company. They are literally willing to take time out of their already crazy busy schedule and take me under their wing. Feeling so blessed right now. Thank you so much God, and secondly Jobsupportservices.com!!

T, Countryman


I want to thank you for helping me with the process going through getting hired. Everything in the site was clear and easy to follow. You all helped me with the study process for the assessment exams. I was able to pass because of following the steps you provided. Studying made it a little easier. Then after i passed you all helped me get ready for the interview and prepare myself for working in the post office. Your site was perfect for anyone wanting to go through the process of working in the USPS. Thank you!

Joshua Webb

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