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Job seeking no longer has to be a pain with our Job Locator tool. Learn how to use our tool to maximize your success.

Job Locator Tool Guide 

Let’s face it. Trying to search for a job can be just as much of a job as the job itself. What do we mean? You’ve probably used sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter or the USPS website itself to try to find work, but we think there’s a much easier way to optimize your job search to its fullest potential. That’s why we’ve created the Job Locator to help you narrow your job search.

How This Tool Can Help You?

What makes our tool so different from the one you’ll find on the USPS website is even though it uses the same data from the site, we’ve been able to make several modifications, so you don’t have to keep wasting time and we know how much time is of the essence when it comes to needing a job right away to support your family or begin a new career. Nobody wants to have to wait, and neither should you.


All job openings nationwide are displayed on a geographical map of the United States, and you can click on the circles to drill down for a closer view of the area.


Individual jobs are represented by a pin on the map. When you click on a pin, a box will appear with details about that particular job.


The map is updated daily and is based on actual job data.

Job Locator Tool Steps:

  1. To see more detail in your area, click on one of the colored circles with a number in it. The number refers to the number of jobs in that area. The map will zoom in.
  2. Continue this process to find more detail in your area. In the example shown, we are drilling down to the Cincinnati area.
  3. Continue this process to find more detail in your area. In the example shown, we are drilling down to the Cincinnati area.
  4. Keep going to continue finding more detail in your area. Notice you begin to see individual pins which represent open jobs
  5. Now you’re able to click on a pin to see details on each job that’s posted.

Job Locator vs. USPS System

The USPS system is not map based and pales by comparison. At times, job seekers overlook jobs that are actually available because of the clunky nature of the USPS’s search functions.
  • Two of the three ways it allows candidates to search for current job openings require specific information to be entered such as the exact term used for a job, or the Functional Area under which a particular job falls. If you do not have this specific data, you will not be able to search for a certain job. If the exact data is not entered in the search, then the system will give a “no results found” response. This leads candidates to believe there are no positions available in the area when the reality tells a far different story.
  • Many candidates utilize the Location search by “State.” This method does work, however it only displays 15 jobs at a time in a list format, causing a lot of candidates to be led to believe there are only 15 jobs available in the state.

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