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December 2, 2019
Seattle, Washington
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Ever wonder what goes on at the Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) on Airport Way South?
Now's your chance to see what happens on the Rail shop floor:

Job Summary
This position is a working member of a team, cleaning the interior and exterior of Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs). Rail Service Workers move LRVs in the yard as needed, maintain shop facilities and vehicles, and clean and service shop equipment. To learn more about this position, check out this short video link: Metro Transit Rail Service Worker!

This recruitment will be used to fillmultiple current career service vacancies. This recruitment may also be used to establish an eligibility list to fill future career service and/or fully-benefited temporary vacancies that if they should occur over the next twelve months from establishment of the list. NOTE: Current day shift wage range: $22.38 to $31.97. 2nd Shift wage range: $23.50 to $33.57. 3rd Shift wage range:$24.06 to $34.37.

Link Light Rail
Metro Transit's RailDivision is responsible for operating and maintaining Link Light Rail service on a 20.4 mile route from the Angle Lake Station south of Sea-Tac Airport to the University of Washington Station, expanding to Northgate in early 2021. Plans and/or construction are underway extending the system to the north, east, south, and west. Expansion over the next five years alone will include the addition of more than 20 stations and 40 miles of light rail track. The light rail line is a critical part of the region's transportation network and carries more than 79,000 daily weekday riders.

Safety Sensitive Position
This position is considered safety sensitive. Applicants for these positions are required to undergo drug testing prior to employment andsubsequent to commencement of employment, will be subject to random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, and follow-up drug and alcohol testing in compliance with Federal DOT alcohol and controlled substance testing program protocols.

Who May Apply
This position isopen to the general public and all King County employees.

Work Schedule
All positions have a standard 40-hour workweek, with paid overtime as needed. Employees must be willing and able to work any one of three shifts (day, swing or graveyard). The workweek and scheduled hours may vary. In addition, this position has on-call responsibilities and must respond to emergency situations as needed. Work schedules are based on a seniority "pick" system, which occurs three times a year. Graveyard and/or swing shift vacancies will be the most likely openings.

About King County Metro Transit
King County Metro Transit is a regional leader in helping people move quickly throughout the region, reducing commuter stress, greening the environment and radically improving urban air quality, by providing comfortable, effective transit services for the thousands of commuters and other residents of King County, Washington. Working for Metro means working for a leader in this public transportation industry. Metro was named Outstanding Public Transportation System of 2018 by APTA, the American Public Transportation Association.

Great Benefits
King County provides our employees with a free transportation pass (good on most regional transit systems). Employees have access to the building gym, with lockers, showers and bike room. We offer a competitive benefits package including medical, dental and vision benefits for the whole family and state-registered domestic partner. A competitive sick leave and vacation plan, twelve holidays a year, and participation in the State's popular Public Employees Retirement Plan (PERS) are provided, as well as the option of participating in the County's deferred compensation plan (a 457 plan). For more details, please see the next tab.

How To Apply
Click on the "Apply" link in the upper right of the job announcement on our website's job page (, and complete the employment application and supplemental questions thoroughly, with employment history going back at least ten years (or more to include all relevant experience). See Application Process below for additional important information on completing your application.

Ralph Cady, Senior Talent Advisor
(206) 477-5998
[email protected]

Job Duties

Applying equity and social justice principles is a daily responsibility and a foundational expectation for all King County employees.In this role you will apply equity and social justice principles that exemplify shared values, behaviors, and practices to all aspects of the work. You will:

  • Clean interior and exterior of Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) either by operating them through a car-wash, or by hand washing and steam cleaning, using a variety of solvents, soaps, and cleaning chemicals.
  • Report any defects to supervisor, such as defective lights, body damage, interior damage, and operating defects.
  • Post, add and subtract the amounts of commodities used in designated logs.
  • Move LRV's around the shop and yard.
  • Remove trash and debris from the LRVs.
  • Check and replenish consumables such as sand and wiper fluid.
  • Couple and uncouples rail vehicles.
  • Maintain shop facilities and/or vehicles following written procedures or as instructed.
  • Clean and service shop equipment and/or vehicles.
  • Make deliveries or pick up materials.
  • Operate computer for related data input and retrieval; may enter transactions and related data into a computer information system.
  • Perform related duties as required.
Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills

Minimum Qualifications

  • One year of professional cleaning experience or minor automotive maintenance OR any equivalent combination of experience and education which provides the applicant with the desired skills, knowledge and ability required to perform the work.
  • Knowledge of basic janitorial techniques.
  • Knowledge in the use and care of cleaning equipment such as pressure washers, steam cleaners, and scrubbers.
  • Knowledge of basic safety rules, practices and principles and applicable OSHA laws.
  • Knowledge in the proper use and disposal of cleaning chemicals.
  • Basic knowledge of and skill using current computer software applications for data maintenance such as Maintenance Management Information Systems or equivalent tracking systems.
  • Oral and written communication skills including the ability to understand and follow directions.
  • Ability to learn and operate light rail and other LINK vehicles in a safe manner. (Testing and certification will be required.)
  • Skill in using common hand tools, maintenance and/or cleaning equipment.
  • Skill in performing physical labor.
  • Skill in accurately performing simple numeric calculations and record keeping tasks.
  • Skill in working under established deadlines.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with a diverse group of people.

Desired Qualifications (Not Required)

  • Experience with biohazards and human waste.
  • Experience and skill in forklift operation.
  • Experience working on automobiles or performinglight maintenance on equipment or similar type work.

Necessary Special Requirements

  • Washington State driver's license and an acceptable driving record. (Out of state candidates must obtain their Washington State driver's license prior to hire.)
  • Ability to qualify for and maintain a "Yard Only" Rail Operator's Certification.
  • Ability to qualify for Right of Way Protection Worker Certification.
  • Ability to qualify for forklift certification.

Working Environment

  • Must be able to work from high places on mechanical lift devices, support structures, and poles.
  • Must work around yard rail switches and high voltage equipment; indoors, outdoors, and in inclement weather.
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.
Supplemental Information

Ready to apply?

Application Process
It is important to fill out your application accurately. Applicants should complete the online application at as described above. Do NOT merely refer to your resume for indicating your employment history. NOTE: Please answer all relevantquestions in the online employment application itself, with each of your jobs during the last 10 years listed (if you have ten years) (listing each position for each employer separately), duties explained, reasons for leaving, etc. Earlier jobs should be included here or in resume if they are relevant in some way to this job and if they relate to our minimum qualifications, and MUST be included in the employment application if cited in answer to a Supplemental Question. If you have questions about this, please contact the HR contact stated above.

Selection Process
Applications will be screened for completeness, clarity and competitiveness. Competitive candidates may be invited to participate in an interview process. Employment offers will be finalizedafter a physical examination, drug screen, drug and alcohol background check, references and reviews of driving records.

King County is an equal employment opportunity employer. We value diversity, inclusion and belonging in our workplace and workforce. To reach this goal we are committed to workplace and workforce equity. Equitable recruiting, support, and retention is how we will obtain the highest quality workforce in our region; a workforce that shares and will help advance our guiding values--we are one team, we solve problems, we focus on the customer, we drive for results, we are racially just, we respect all people, we lead the way, we are responsible stewards. We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply, including Native American and people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, LGBTQ+, people living with disabilities, and veterans.

Union Membership
This position is represented by Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587.

Class Code: 9420100

King County offers a highly-competitive compensation and benefits package designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees and support our employees' health and well-being. Eligible positions receive the following benefits and have access to the following programs:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage: King County pays 100% of the premiums for eligible employees and family members
  • Life and disability insurance: employees are provided basic coverage and given the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for both the employee and eligible dependents
  • Retirement: King County employees are eligible to participate in a pension plan through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems and a 457(b) deferred-compensation plan
  • Transportation program and ORCA transit pass
  • 10 paid holidays each year (plus 2 personal holidays)
  • Generous vacation and paid sick leave
  • Paid parental leave, family and medical leaves, and volunteer leave
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Wellness programs
  • Onsite gyms and activity centers
  • Employee giving program
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Flexible schedules and telecommuting options, depending on position
  • Training and career development programs

For additional information about employee benefits please visit our Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Page.

This is a general description of the benefits offered to eligible King County employees, and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. If any information on this document conflicts with the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the CBA prevails. Also, in the event of any incorrect information in this document, applicable laws, policies, rules, CBAs, or official plan documents will prevail.

NOTE: Benefits for Term Limited Temporary (TLT) or Short Term Temporary (STT) positions, including leave eligibility and/or participation in the pension plan through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, will vary based upon the terms and details of the position.Short Term Temporary positions are not eligible for an ORCA transit pass.

For inquiries about the specifics of this position, please contact the recruiter identified on this job posting.

When applying for this position, you must thoroughly complete the education and work experience sections of your application. Failure to do so can result in disqualification from consideration. Please check off all of the items that you have completed in your application:

  • Completed education history
  • Detailed description of each position you have held in the last ten years, including any relevant job history that may be outside of ten years. Please list gaps in employment and the reason.
  • Reason for leaving employers, (in case of termination, state why you were terminated)
  • Supervisor name
  • Employer phone number
  • None of the above
Any qualifying employment referred to in these Supplemental Questions must be included in the employment history section of this employment application. Have you included these relevant jobs in your application, and also checked to make sure your employment record is up to date, with accurate starting and ending dates of employment? (Not doing this is a frequent cause of an incomplete application.)

  • Yes
  • No
To apply for this job, you must be willing to work all three shifts (day, swing, or graveyard), and may be assigned any of these, based on seniority. Are you willing to work any of the above shifts?

  • Yes
  • No
Have you been terminated, or have you resigned in lieu of termination, from any position in the last ten years?

  • Yes
  • No
If you answered yes to the previous question, please provide the name of the employer(s) and the reason for termination(s). Please understand that "Will explain in interview" is not a valid response and will result in your application not being considered further. (If not, please answer "N/A")

    Have you tested positive, or refused to test, on any pre-employment drug or alcohol test administered by an employer to which you applied, but did not get hired, for safety-sensitive transportation work covered by the DOT drug and alcohol testing rules during the past two years?

    • Yes
    • No
    If so, for which employer and when? If not, please answer "N/A"

      Do you currently possess a valid Driver's License? Please indicate if you ALSO hold a Class A or Class B CDL license, and any endorsements. Check all that apply.

      • Valid Driver's License
      • Class A CDL/Permit
      • Class B CDL/Permit
      • Air Brake Endorsement
      • Passenger Endorsement
      • I do not have a Driver's License
      Have you had a license in another state besides Washington in the last five (5) years?

      • Yes
      • No
      If you indicated above that you have had a license in a state other than Washington in the last five years, list the state(s) and the years you had the license(s).

        In the last five (5) years, has your driver's license been revoked or suspended?

        • Yes
        • No
        If your license has been suspended in the last five years, please indicate why below: (Check all that apply)

        • Moving Violations
        • Unpaid Parking Ticket(s)
        • Unpaid Traffic Ticket(s)
        • Child Support Enforcement
        • I have not had my license suspended
        If your license has been suspended in the last five years, please indicate how many times it has been suspended here: (regardless of reason)

        • One time
        • More than once
        • My license has not been suspended
        Do you have any of the following violations on your driving record in the last five years? (Select all that apply)

        • Reckless or Negligent Driving
        • DWI/DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol)
        • Hit and run incident
        • Vehicular Homicide or Vehicular Assault
        • Open Container Violation
        • More than one at-fault accident
        • None of the above
        How many traffic code (moving) violations have you had in the last 5 years? (12)

        • 1
        • 2
        • 3
        • 4
        • 5 or more
        • no code violations
        If you indicated above that you have been cited, list the date (month and year) and offense. For each speeding ticket, please list the date, the posted speed limit and your actual speed. Be sure to include whether your license was suspended for the citation, and whether or not the ticket has been paid. FAILURE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION COMPLETELY AS DIRECTED WILL RESULT IN YOUR APPLICATION NOT BEING CONSIDERED FURTHER. (If no violations, please answer "N/A")

          List all accidents you have had in the last five years in which you were at fault, including employment-related accidents. Include the month and year of the accident, a brief description, the approximate dollar damage, whether or not there were injuries as a result of the accident, and if you were given a traffic citation. Failure to answer this question completely may result in your application not being considered further. (If no at-fault accidents, please answer "N/A")

            Do you have one year of professional cleaning experience, or minor automotive maintenance OR any equivalent combination of experience and education that provides you with the desired skills, knowledge and ability required to perform this body of work?

            • Yes
            • No
            How many years of professional cleaning or maintenance experience do you have?

            • None
            • Less than one year
            • One to two years
            • Two or more
            Please tell us where and when you obtained the experience listed above, and your job title. (If none, please list N/A)

              Indicate which types of tasks you've completed in your professional working experience. Check all that apply.

              • Litter and trash pick-up
              • Operate pressure washer
              • Wet and dry shop vacs
              • Graffiti removal
              • Performed automobile or equipment repairs.
              • Performed preventative maintenance to automobiles or equipment
              • Worked with other maintenance tools and equipment
              • Used common hand tools, maintenance and/or cleaning equipment
              • None
              From the list below, check the type of work environment which you have performed custodial or maintenance tasks. Check all the apply.

              • Bus Station
              • Airport
              • Automotive Garage or Mechanic Shop
              • Warehouse
              • School
              • Hospital
              • Retail
              • Office Building
              • Hotel
              • None of the above
              Please describe your knowledge in the use and care of cleaning equipment such as pressure washers, steam cleaners, and scrubbers. Please put N/A if you do not have experience.

                Please describe your knowledge in the proper use and disposal of cleaning chemicals. If none, list N/A.

                  Do you have experience working on automobiles or performing heavy maintenance on equipment or similar type work?

                  • Yes
                  • No
                  Please describe your knowledge in the use and care of automobile and other maintenance equipment such as voltmeters, automotive jacks or lifts, impact wrenches, drills, saws, and roto-hammers. Please put N/A if you do not have experience.

                    Are you willing and able to work in a high voltage environment?

                    • Yes
                    • No
                    Do you have experience in forklift operation?

                    • Yes
                    • No
                    Do you have experience working with biohazards and human waste?

                    • Yes
                    • No
                    If you have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, will you need accommodation in the testing process? If you check the "YES" box, the human resources staff person coordinating this recruitment will send you a request asking for additional information. (This confidential information is solicited for the purposes of providing reasonable accommodation only).

                    • Yes
                    • No
                    I certify that the statement made by me on the application and supplemental questions are, to the best of my knowledge, true, complete and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation or material omission of fact on this or any other document required by King County may constitute grounds for rejection, or if employed by King County, for disciplinary measures, including dismissal.

                    • Yes
                    • No
                    I have read the job announcement and understand the duties and requirements for this position. I also understand that the provisions of the job announcement do not constitute an express or implied contract. I further understand that any employment offer may be subject to successful completion and results for drug and alcohol background check, pre-employment physical, drug testing, reference checks, driver's record evaluation, and criminal history checks. Having applied for employment with King County, I give my consent that any person, firm or organization listed hereon is authorized to furnish King County with reference material concerning my character, past employment or any other information requested. I hereby authorize the full release of my employment and work record to the Metro Transit Department of King County for the purpose of evaluation and consideration for employment including, but not limited to, specific reasons and details regarding my resignation and/or termination, attendance and punctuality, infractions or any disciplinary actions I may have received, and disclosure of all performance evaluations for the previous ten (10) years. I agree to hold current or former employers harmless from any claim or action based upon the release of information or documentation relating to my employment record. I acknowledge I have read and understand the above information. By checking this box, I provide my consent for King County Metro Transit to obtain the above referenced information.

                    • Yes
                    • No

                    * Required Question

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