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February 20, 2020
San Jose Metropolitan Area, California
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Under general direction, to plan, organize, direct and control the activities and/or staff of a very large County program.

The Office of County Counsel provides all the day-to-day legal services expected from any in-house attorney, including advice and counsel regarding how to navigate emerging areas of law, civil litigation for the County, and negotiation and drafting of contracts and other legal documents. The Office's attorneys work in a wide array of practice areas, including civil litigation, labor and employment, health and hospital, law and justice, child welfare, probate/conservatorship, workers' compensation, general government advice and transactions, real property and public works, civil and code enforcement, and social justice and impact litigation. As public law attorneys, our work covers a wide array of policy matters that significantly affect the health, safety, and well-being of the County's 1.9 million residents. The Office is committed to excellence: providing exceptional, effective, and ethical advocacy and advice, focused on solving problems for the betterment of the County and the people we serve.

The Office of the County Counsel is recruiting to fill a high-level Program Manager III position to provide programmatic and administrative support.

Under direction, some of the principal responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and manage special projects. Projects may require complex analysis, assessing budgetary and technological considerations, and coordinating with other County departments.
  • Develop policies and procedures.
  • Handle confidential and sensitive matters.
  • Develop communications and outreach materials for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Perform independent research and provide recommendations.
  • Assist in ongoing development and implementation of improvements for
    recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Perform other duties assigned by County Counsel leadership.

In addition to the employment standards, a qualified candidate would possess experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Program or project management responsibilities; or
  • Policies and procedures development.

Successful candidates must have excellent judgment and demonstrate outstanding written and oral communication abilities evidenced by strong grammar and punctuation, and effective writing and proofreading skills. Successful candidates must also have excellent project management, analytical ability, and organizational skills. The capability to work collaboratively with your colleagues to support the needs of the department and to interact professionally with other departments and stakeholders as shown through interpersonal skills are necessary characteristics. An eagerness to take on tasks with a commitment to public service in a fast-paced, professional environment are all essential qualities for this job. All County Counsel personnel must maintain strict adherence to the confidentiality of the attorney-client privilege and attorney work product. Experience in a legal environment is desirable.

Candidates mustattach a cover letter, resume, and two writing samples in order to submit the online application. Typical Tasks

  • Plans, organizes and directs a County program that provides direct service to the public or other agencies;
  • Handles complex coordination between County, local and State resources;
  • Prepares staff reports and comprehensive detailed plans with Countywide impact;
  • Works closely with cross departmental staff at all levels of the organization;
  • Determines program objectives in light of established goals;
  • Develops strategies to achieve objectives;
  • Establishes program priorities;
  • Formulates and implements policies, plans and procedures for carrying out functions of the program;
  • Defines personnel resource needs and allocates them as required to reach program objectives;
  • Selects and hires staff and ensures the orientation, training and development of program staff;
  • Directs and evaluates the work of subordinate staff;
  • Establishes an appropriate organizational structure and delineates working level and relationships of personnel to carry out the program's activities;
  • Determines budgetary requirements to maintain the program;
  • Makes recommendations on the annual budget and may present the program's budget to the Board of Supervisors;
  • Is responsible for determining program funding needs and obtaining available outside funding when necessary through grants and/or contracts;
  • Is responsible for the implementation, control, monitoring and evaluation of provided services to ensure compliance with terms of received grants and contracts;
  • Maintains liaison relationships and represents the program in contacts with public and private agencies and concerned community groups and organizations;
  • Prepares reports and correspondence;
  • Keeps abreast of new trends and developments related to the program's activities;
  • Provides assistance and advice to advisory and planning boards, commissions, task forces and other special groups as required;
  • May prepare and make presentations to staff, boards, commissions, and external groups;
  • May provide ongoing statistical reports;
  • May be assigned as a Disaster Service Worker, as required;
  • And performs related duties as required.
Employment Standards

Sufficient education, training and experience to demonstrate the possession and direct application of the following knowledge and abilities.

Training and Experience Note: The required knowledge and abilities are typically attained through training and experience equivalent to possession of a Bachelor's degree. Relevant experience can substitute for education on a year-for-year basis. Relevant experience includes experience performing analytical, administrative, lead, supervisory, or management duties, which include interpreting rules and regulations, gathering data and formulating recommendations, and report writing.


Seven (7) years of analytical, administrative, lead, supervisory or management experience which includes duties interpreting rules and regulations, gathering data and formulating recommendations, and report writing; four (4) years of which must be at the journey level.

A Master's degree can substitute for one (1) year of the required experience.

Special Requirements
Specialized program knowledge may be required in addition to the generalized administrative/supervisory experience when it can be demonstrated that:

  1. it is an absolute necessity for the successful operation of the program;
  2. that the Program Manager will be held accountable for this specialized knowledge; and
  3. that subordinate program staff will not be able to provide the subject matter expertise that is required.

Note: The knowledge, skills and abilities listed below indicate the common aspects of the three levels of the Program Manager Series. However, for recruitment purposes, a potential candidate will be rated on ability to perform at a specific level as outlined in the allocation factors. In appraising experience, more weight will be given to the breadth rather than depth of pertinent experience and the evidence of the candidate's ability to assume and fulfill the responsibilities of the position at a designated level.

Some positions may require Live Scan screening as part of the background check process.

Knowledge of:

  • Program development and evaluation;
  • Techniques of organizing and motivating groups;
  • Personnel management techniques;
  • Methods of administrative problem solving;
  • Principles of organization and administrative, fiscal and program management; principles of employee supervision, training and development;
  • Community and agency consultation methods and procedures;
  • Computer applications, including but not limited to: word processing, spreadsheets, data base management software, presentation and electronic mail software.

Ability to:

  • Plan, organize, control and evaluate a public service program;
  • Manage initiatives, collect and analyze data for the purpose of evaluating services and or programs;
  • Plan and assign workloads clearly and effectively;
  • Train, develop and motivate staff;
  • Deal effectively with a variety of government and community officials;
  • Speak effectively in public;
  • Integrate the activities of a program to attain program goals;
  • Prepare and review reports;
  • Develop and recommend effective courses of action;
  • Develop and effectively utilize all available resources;
  • Establish and maintain program's objectives, priorities and policies;
  • Consult with and advise top administrator on the activities and status of the program;
  • Develop short and long range budget plans that accurately reflect program needs. May require the ability to apply the tools of a specialty subject area.

Benefit and Retirement information may vary from bargaining unit to bargaining unit.Due to changes in State Law, current pension provisions described in the union contracts are not automatically applied. Specific pension benefits for new hires who start on or after January 1, 2013 may be different than indicated in the union contracts.

Click hereto access all Memoranda of Understanding and most recent Summary of Changes.

Please answer the following questions. Completion of the following supplemental questions is REQUIRED for your application and is an integral part of the evaluation process. Initially, it will be used to evaluate against the employment standards. For those applicants meeting the employment standards, this information will be critical in the subsequent competitive assessment to identify those candidates to be invited to continue in the examination process. Your responses to the questions may also be reviewed and scored in a Competitive Rating evaluation process based on pre-determined rating criteria. Your answers should be as complete as possible, as no additional information will be accepted from applicants once the Competitive Rating evaluation has begun. Please include the name of employer, job title, dates of employment and number of hours worked per week for questions asking about your experience. A response of "see resume" or "see application" will deem your application incomplete. Vague, incomplete or nonresponsive answers could result in no or low scores in a competitive rating process. Do you understand this requirement?

  • Yes
  • No
What is the highest level of education you have completed?

  • High School or GED equivalent
  • College (1 to 29 semester/ 1 to 44 quarter units)
  • College (30 to 59 semester/ 45 to 89 quarter units)
  • College (60 to 89 semester/ 90 to 134 quarter units)
  • College (90 to 119 semester/ 135 to 179 quarter units)
  • College (120 or more semester/ 180 or more quarter units)
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree
  • Doctoral Degree
How many years of work experience do you have performing project management duties?

  • None
  • Less than one year
  • One to less than two years
  • Two to less than three years
  • Three to less than four years
  • Four to less than five years
  • Five to less than six years
  • Six to less than seven years
  • Seven to less than eight years
  • Eight to less than nine years
  • Nine or more years
Describe your project management experience. In your response, include the scope of the project(s), your roles and responsibilities, the number and level of staff (if any) and the outcome of the project(s). If none, type "N/A."

    Describe your experience interpreting rules and regulations, and writing procedures and policies. In your response, include your roles and responsibilities, and the types of policies/procedures? If none, type "N/A."

      Describe your experience compiling and analyzing data to identify significant events, patterns, and trends. In your response, include how you have used analytical or statistical techniques to complete a work-related project. If none, type "N/A."

        Describe your experience recommending and/or implementing system-level initiatives into operations. Provide specific examples of your experience with strategic development, administration, evaluation, and program modifications resulting from your investigation and assessment. In your response include your job title, job duties, name of employer, period employed, and other details as appropriate. If none, type N/A.

          Describe your experience collaborating with and developing effective relationships with staff within your department as well as with staff from other departments and various levels within the organization. In your response include your job title, job duties, name of employer, period employed, and other details as appropriate. If none, type N/A.

            Describe your knowledge and experience handling confidential records including the types of confidential records, and an example of the procedures you used to ensure the confidentiality of information/records maintained in the office. If none, type "N/A."

              Describe your experience communicating regarding sensitive matters or topics to a wide range of audiences. In your response include your job title, job duties, name of employer, period employed, and other details as appropriate. If none, type N/A.

                Describe your experience working in a legal environment or transferrable education, knowledge, or experience. If none, type "N/A."

                  I certify that I have attached two writing samples of which I was the primary author as an example of my writing skills as required.

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                  I certify that I have attached a copy of my rsum as required.

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                  I certify that I have attached a cover letter.

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