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February 3, 2020
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Position Summary

Position responsible for keeping the 350 bed Duvall Residential Center (DRC) building and grounds clean and functional and leads work crews (residents of DRC) in providing cleaning support for DRC, building, grounds, MCCC main office, and other details in the neighborhood as requested.

Position Responsibilities

Performs all necessary preventative maintenance (including carpentry, painting, fire extinguishers, security system, smoke detectors, windows, and doors, etc.) Conducts maintenance inspections; repair/replace ceramic tile, doors, windows, drywall, floor tile, thermostats, faucets, commodes, receptacles, switches, belts, motors, light fixtures, cabinets, etc.

General plumbing and electrical work.

Install appliances as needed.

Able to lift 75 pounds.

Ability to read schematics and/or diagrams.

Directly supervises a custodial crew composed of residents who clean and maintain the building; sweep, mop, strip and wax floors; clean sidewalks, empty trash containers, shovel snow, spread salt on sidewalks, vacuuming carpets, receiving deliveries. Supervises work crews engaging in daily community clean-up, maintenance of the adopted bus stop, and multiple community service projects in conjunction with local agencies.

Supervises and directs a crew of resident workers responsible for all grounds keeping, landscaping, and maintenance of the garden. Oversees maintenance of Agency field cars, including washing, upkeep, and delivery to repair shops.

Coordinates with outside trade's persons/contractors for trash removal, sprinkler and fire alarm system; coordinates with outside trades persons/contractors for emergency services/repairs.

Completes report forms in a complete, clear and concise manner; request ordering of supplies and maintain an accurate inventory of supplies; will be responsible for maintaining all tools/equipment supplied by the County.

Will be responsible for observing and adhering to on-site safety regulations; will be responsible for executing a regular maintenance program for the entire facility which will include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance for the building systems.

Will be required to be available 24-hours and may be required to work varied hours, as needed.


.A high school diploma or G.E.D. with two years of maintenance experience is required. A valid Indiana Driver's License is required. At least one year of prior experience and a working knowledge of electricity, HVAC fundamentals, plumbing and carpentry is preferred.

Independent Judgment

Requires a moderate amount of independent judgment but mainly guided by standard operating procedures.

All rates are bi-weekly.

Anthem CDHP High

Single: $28.80 EE Spouse: $68.66 EE Child(ren): $50.13 Family: $93.02

Anthem CDHP Medium

Single: $44.70 EE Spouse: $106.58 EE Child(ren): $77.81 Family: $144.39

Anthem CDHP Low

Single: $59.83 EE Spouse: $142.67 EE Child(ren): $104.15 Family: $193.28

Anthem Dental High

Single: $13.93 EE Spouse: $29.66 EE Child(ren): $33.22 Family: $52.78

Anthem Dental Low

Single: $8.04 EE Spouse: $15.97 EE Child(ren): $21.62 Family: $33.22

ANTHEM Vision Plan

Single: $2.80 EE Spouse: $5.06 EE Child(ren): $5.42 Family: $8.21

Optional Life Insurance Employee Only (rates per $1,000 per month)


25-29 $0.07

30-34 $0.10

35-39 $0.12

40-44 $0.16

45-49 $0.27

50-54 $0.44

55-59 $0.73

60-64 $0.97

65-69 $1.61

70 $2.49


1. All employees hired/rehired prior to 1/1/2017 are grandfathered into PERF Hybrid plan. The Hybrid plan consists of two components:

Annuity Savings Account (ASA) -This consists of the mandatory employee contribution of three (3%) percent of compensation (made for the employee by the City), plus interest credits or earnings. You're always vested in your ASA portion - it's always yours.

Pension - The pension portion of the retirement benefit is funded by contributions made by the employer over the course of the employee's career and separate from the annuity savings account. Employees enrolled in the PERF Hybrid plan are eligible for retirement benefits at age sixty-five (65) if they have ten (10) or more years of creditable service. After June 30, 1995, employees may retire at age sixty (60) with at least fifteen (15) years of credible service or if the member's age in years plus the years of credible service equals at least 85 and the member is at least fifty-five (55) years of age. With fifteen (15) or more years of creditable service, the employee may retire as early as age fifty (50) with a reduced pension.

2. Employees hired/rehired by the City and County after 1/1/2017 will be automatically enrolled in the PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings plan. This plan is an annuity savings account (ASA) only plan and does not have a pension component. Any service that an employee has in the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan will not count toward the service time requirements for pension eligibility in the Hybrid Plan.

With the PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan, the ASA is split up into two parts:

Part one - This consists of the mandatory employee contribution of three (3%) percent of compensation (made for the employee by the City), plus interest credits or earnings. You're always vested in your ASA portion - it's always yours.

Part two - This consists of an additional variable rate contribution paid by the City toward your ASA. This variable rate contribution is currently 1% of your gross wages. Vesting in the value of the variable rate employer contribution will vary by length of participation. You are:

? 20 percent vested after 1 full year of participation

? 40 percent vested after 2 full years of participation

? 60 percent vested after 3 full years of participation

? 80 percent vested after 4 full years of participation

? 100 percent vested after 5 full years of participation

3. City Employees hired/rehired after 1/1/2017 that are members of the City AFSCME labor union can choose to enroll in either the PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings plan or the PERF Hybrid plan. Both of these plans are described above. Employees have 60 days to choose which option they want, and by state law this cannot be changed. If no choice is made, the employee will then be automatically added to the PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings plan.

The Indiana General Assembly has enacted a provision that allows public employees to make voluntary contributions in addition to the mandatory three-percent (3%) contributions. Employees may contribute up to an additional ten- percent (10%) of their compensation per pay period to the annuity savings account. This means that the maximum level of contributions to the annuity savings account under this new provision is thirteen percent (13%) of an employee's compensation per pay period.

Employees who separate from the city within their first ten (10) years of employment need to contact INPRS - PERF regarding their ASA account.

Questions relating to PERF may be directed to INPRS - PERF at:

Indiana Public Retirement System

Public Employees' Retirement Fund

One North Capitol, Suite 001

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(888) 236-3544

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