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October 22, 2019
Wichita, Kansas
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Distinguishing Features of Work

This position is located at City Hall, 455 N Main, Wichita, KS. It is a position within the Public Works & Utilities department and Strategic Services division. Public Works & Utilities is responsible for many of the activities that make life in Wichita easy ? safe and reliable drinking water, travelable roads, storm drainage, and many other activities that occur behind-the-scenes.

This position is part of the Water and Sewer utilities and will be specifically responsible for activities related to water and sewer rates, water conservation programs, customer accounts and billing, and a variety of other tasks that will ultimately serve the public.

Successful candidates will demonstrate strong communication skills, analytical skills, and technological proficiency.

This is administrative work performed in an area of expertise which may be developed on the job.Work may include supervision of other staff, coordination of recurring events, investigation and research, statistical analysis, coordination of activities of the Department, and/or relieving the supervisor of a variety of administrative duties.

Examples of Work Performed

  • Monitors and ensures compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Analyzes and summarizes information to support project planning and/or responding to public issues.
  • Prepares reports and recommendations.
  • May conduct oral presentations regarding process changes or topics researched.
  • Coordinates special projects involving multiple divisions.
  • Prepares correspondence, brochures, and other narrative material.
  • Coordinates state and federally funded program contract compliance.
  • Composes correspondence, frequently not subject to review.
  • Conducts research and prepares reports with recommendations of proposed solutions and courses of action.
  • Confers with citizens and representatives of other organizations.
  • Facilitates boards, committees, and/or task forces in information gathering and analysis.
  • Completion of work assignments will require the operation of a vehicle.
  • The examples of work performed are not intended to be all-inclusive.
  • The City of Wichita reserves the right to assign additional duties and responsibilities as needed.
Requirements of Work

  • Considerable knowledge of research techniques, statistical analysis and sources of information.
  • Knowledge of information evaluation and reporting techniques.
  • Knowledge of the practices and principles of municipal government or of the organizational operations of the hiring Department.
  • Knowledge of standard computer keyboard configurations and ability to access, interpret, and record information using a video display terminal and electronic keyboard.
  • Knowledge of the basic laws, ordinances and regulations governing the municipality.
  • Ability to effectively plan, organize, and supervise the work of others.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates, other employees, representatives of other organizations, and the public.
  • Ability to acquire and maintain a valid Kansas driver's license.
  • An employee shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals in the workplace.
Required Experience and Training

Graduation from a four-year college with a degree in public or business administration, political science, accounting, mathematics, or related fields. Two years of experience in the government sector preferred.Offers of employment are contingent upon passing a pre-employment physical, which includes drug screening, and upon satisfactory evaluation of the results of a police records check.

(Last Updated 1/21/2015)

1. VACATION - Most employees with less than five years' employment earn 10 days of vacation per year. After five years, accrual rates increase at varying rates to varying maximums, depending on work schedule and/or union representation. Maximum accumulation is 30 work days.

2. HOLIDAYS - There are eleven paid holidays. One is a Personal Holiday granted after the first six months to be taken at the employee's option as scheduled with the supervisor.

3. SICK LEAVE - Sick leave accrual begins at one-half day per month. After five years, it is one work day per month (no maximum). Employees who use 24 hours (3 days) or less of sick leave in a calendar year earn a "Well Day." An additional "Well Day" can be earned following a year of perfect attendance.

4. HEALTH INSURANCE - Aetna provides two levels of medical and prescription plans. Both medical plan are PPOs that does not require selecting a physician or referrals for specialty care. Both medical plans include Vision benefits through Vision Service Plan. Pre-tax premium deduction is offered. The City contributes 80% of the premium, towards medical, Rx and vision premiums.

5. DENTAL INSURANCE - Two employee-paid Delta Dental plans are offered ? Preferred and Traditional. DeltaPreferred requires using a dentist from a smaller network for a lower premium. Traditional allows use of any dentist, although benefits are higher using a dentist from the large Delta panel. Benefits under both plans are the same. Pre-tax premium deduction is offered.

6.LIFE INSURANCE ? Low-cost term life insurance is available. Employees pay one-third of the cost. The amount of Basic Life coverage is twice annual pay (Members of SEIUand Teamsters: maximum of $150,000; all non-represented employees: maximum of $400,000). Dependent coverage is available ($4,000) for an additional $0.14 per pay period. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage is included. The plan is through The Standard.

7.SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE ? Additional employee-paid term life insurance is available fromThe Standardat low group rates. Participation in Basic Life is required. This plan is portable.

8. LONG-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE ? This employee-paid group disability plan fromLincoln Financial replaces a selected amount of pre-disability income for work- or non-work-related disabilities. Premiums are determined by income and age.

9.VOLUNTARY ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT - This employee-paid plan fromThe Standardoffers coverage for accidental death and dismemberment in addition to that included in Basic Life.

10.RETIREMENT - The City offers two retirement plans - Wichita Employees (WER) Plan 3, and Commissioned Police & Fire Plan C-79. The WER plan is a defined contribution plan; Police & Fire is a defined benefit plan. Both are contributory - employees and the City share the cost.

11.FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS ? Employees may elect to make pre-tax deductions for dependent care and unreimbursed medical expenses, reducing the cost of these expenses by eliminating taxes on the amount deducted.

12. LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE ? This plan from UNUM offers facility and home care benefits for employees, spouses and some other family members. Several options for benefit amount and duration, and specific plan features, are available.

Deferred Compensation Investment Program
Emergency Leave (for immediate family death)
Training Programs
Longevity Pay
Credit Union
Employee Assistance Program
Injury Leave (on-job injury)
Direct Payroll Deposit
La Petite Discounted child care center 265-1037

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  • Associates Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree
  • Doctorate
  • I do not have any of the degrees or education listed above.
Briefly describe your favorite feature of Excel. Tell us why it is your favorite and how you use it to make yourself, your department or business more effective and efficient.

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