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February 25, 2020
17 - Desoto County, Mississippi
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Characteristics of Work

This is entry level inspection and enforcement work involving the regulation of pesticides, seed, feed, fertilizer, lime and the control of plant pests. Incumbents will assist in the implementation of procedures and policies for enforcing state and federal laws to regulate the registration, manufacture, distribution, sale, and application of pesticides and for regulating the spread, suppression, and control of injurious pests and diseases of beneficial plants and honey bees. Supervision is generally received from an administrative superior through the review of reports, conferences, and by results obtained.
Examples of Work

Assists in the inspection of establishments which manufacture or sell pesticides to ensure the proper registration and labeling of products.
Assists inspections of pesticide applications and checks compliance with applicable state/federal laws.
Administers exams and verifies recertification for persons desiring to buy, use, or sell restricted use pesticides.
Assists in the inspection of crops and other sites where pesticide damage claims have been made and assists in enforcing applicable state and federal pesticide laws.
Assists in sampling products to ensure that pesticides, feed, fertilizer, lime, and seed meet label guarantees on active ingredients and to detect contamination.
Enforces regulations for the suppression of plant pests and prevents the shipment, sale, or interstate transit of infested plants and equipment.
Assists entomologists in supervising the spraying, fumigation, and related activities for the control of diseases, pests, and parasites of plants and honey bees.
Utilizes GPS, computers, and computer programs (Satloc, Kelly Registration Systems, Inc., NETI, and NPIRS).
Assists in implementing eradication programs and preventive measures of regulated pests.
Performs related or similar duties as required or assigned to assist Entomologists or other superiors.
Attends state and national training meetings.
Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year college or university in Agriculture, Biology, Horticulture, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Medical Entomology, Forestry, or a directly related field.

Substitution Statement:

Above graduation from a standard four-year high school or equivalent (GED or High School Equivalency Diploma), directly related education, and directly related experience may be substituted on an equal basis.

Essential Functions

Additional essential functions may be identified and included by the hiring agency. The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Assists in the enforcement of laws and regulations concerning the suppression and eradication of pests and the distribution, sale, and use of pesticides, feed, fertilizer, lime, and seed.

Assists in the participation of various projects involving diseases, insect pests, and enforcement of laws regulating pesticide use.

Health/Prescription Insurance

Eligible employees have the opportunity to participate in the state?s health and prescription insurance program. Employees may select either single or family coverage with affordable co-payments. More detail can be found at Know Your Benefits.

Wellness Benefits
Employees are eligible for a wellness and health promotion program.This plan provides annual benefits for certain services with first-dollar coverage with no deductible.
Life Insurance
All eligible employees receive an actual term life insurance policy upon employment. The policy coverage is two times the employee?s annual salary to a maximum of $100,000. More detail can be found at Life Insurance Choices.
Optional Insurances
Many agencies offer discounted premiums for dental, vision, and cancer insurance.
Flexible Spending Accounts
Many state agencies provide opportunity for employees to participate in pre-tax spending accounts.These accounts allow employees to withhold childcare expenses and unreimbursed medical expenses prior to application of state and federal taxes.

Paid Personal Leave and Sick Leave

Full-time employees receive paid time off for personal needs and for sick leave.Leave begins accruing after one month of employment and may be used as it is accrued.Employees earn approximately 18 days of personal leave annually and 12 days of sick leave annually.

Military Leave
In accordance with federal law, all employees serving in the armed forces or the military reserves are entitled to 15 days per year for military training.
Employees receive up to 10 paid holidays to enjoy many of our nation?s celebrations with family and friends.
Retirement Programs
The State of Mississippi provides all its employees a Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution Retirement Program.Employees become vested in the State?s retirement system after 8 years of employment.Both you and your employing agency contribute toward your retirement. More detailed information regarding the State?s retirement program can be found at
Deferred Compensation
State agencies offer several opportunities for their employees to participate in a deferred compensation voluntary retirement savings plan.More information can be found at Deferred Compensation.
State Credit Union
All state employees are eligible to participate in the Mississippi Public Employees? Credit Union.This organization offers state employees special savings and borrowing plans.For more information about this program, call 601.948.8191.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many state agencies provide opportunities for their employees to achieve higher education through tuition reimbursement.Common programs include medical and nursing fields, accounting, and business/administrative fields.

Career Development and Training
The Mississippi State Personnel Board offers several management and administrative certification programs, as well as professional development courses to enhance employee value to the agency.Individual agencies also offer technical training and allow membership in professional organizations to employees in their specific fields of employment.
Promotional Opportunities
Employees who have completed 6 or more months of service are eligible for promotional opportunities within state government employment.Minimum qualifications must be met.
Career Ladders
Many job classifications provide career-ladder opportunities based upon attainment of competencies.These career ladders can increase an individual?s salary, provided funds are available within the agency.
What is the highest level of education (or semester hours of college) you have completed in Agriculture, Biology, Horticulture, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Medical Entomology, Forestry or a directly related field?

  • None
  • GED or High School Equivalency Diploma / High School
  • 1 year / 30 semester hours
  • Associate's Degree / 2 years / 60 semester hours
  • 3 years / 90 semester hours
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree
  • Specialist Degree
  • Doctorate Degree
How many years of directly related experience do you have? Refer to the job posting for an explanation of directly related experience.

  • None
  • 1 year of experience
  • 2 years of experience
  • 3 years of experience
  • 4 years of experience
  • 5 years of experience
  • 6 years of experience
  • 7 years of experience
  • 8 years of experience
  • 9 years of experience
  • 10 years of experience
  • More than 10 years

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