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December 10, 2019
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Located on the Pacific coastal plain, halfway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles on U.S. Highway 101 and only 15 minutes from the ocean, Camarillo has a mild year-round climate and is surrounded by scenic mountains and hills as well as highly productive agricultural land. This thriving community of more than 67,000 in the heart of Ventura County possesses all the benefits of a suburban-rural community with a small-town quality. A variety of business enterprises provide a strong economic base in the community, with many leading high-technology companies choosing to re-locate to Camarillo because of its favorable climate, skilled work force, and proximity to major transportation centers. Camarillo sits at the hub of a retail market population of nearly a half-million shoppers and is home to many successful retail businesses ? a combination of small, local specialty retailers and the 160-store Camarillo Premium Outlets. The downtown district known as "Old Town" features a mixture of chain stores, restaurants, and locally-owned businesses that help the City maintain its charm. Excellent schools, many recreational facilities, shopping, quality housing, and a safe, small-town atmosphere all combine to make Camarillo a great place to "live, work, and play."

The City of Camarillo was incorporated as a general law city in 1964. As a "contract city," Camarillo purchases certain public services through contracts with other agencies and private companies. This enables the City to accomplish essential administrative and operational functions of a municipality with a relatively small workforce and a minimum of facilities and equipment. The City contracts services for police, building and safety, refuse and recycling collection, street sweeping, landscaping, asphalt paving, public transit services, and traffic signal maintenance. Funding for the contract services are provided by special districts that are funded through property owner benefit assessment, and the general fund. All contracted services are annually reviewed and renewed on a performance/cost basis, achieving significant efficiencies in the delivery of municipal services. The City's 2019/20 total budget is $179.7 million with a focus on Capital Improvement Projects; the general fund budget is $43 million. The City maintains a workforce of approximately 145 full-time employees organized within six departments. The responsibility for the operation of each department is assigned to a department head appointed by the City Manager with the exception of the City Attorney, who is appointed by the City Council. The City is led by a highly experienced five-member City Council that contributes to the political stability of the organization. The City Council, City Manager, and departmental staff have excellent working relationships, respecting and honoring one another's roles and responsibilities. Employee turnover is extremely low with most employees having worked in the organization for many years.

The City of Camarillo is committed to maintaining sound and conservative financial practices, with the objective of ensuring the City's ability to provide cost-effective and efficient services to the public, maintain a positive environment for new business and business retention, and to maintain effective communication with the community.

The Finance Department accounts for all the revenues and expenditures of the City. In addition to providing utility billing for water, sewer, and refuse services, the Department administers Business Licensing, handles parking citation payments, processes purchase orders, oversees the City's investment portfolio, and provides payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable services. Additionally, the Department coordinates and produces the City's annual budget and prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The Finance Department has a staff of 20 FTE. Many of these employees are "customer facing" and respond to the many requests for City services. Other staff members make significant contributions behind the scenes monitoring the daily flow of funds in and out of the City's accounting system.

Representative Duties


The Director of Finance (Director) is a department head appointed by and reporting to the City Manager. The Director has full management responsibility for all services, activities, and programs of the Finance Department. Responsibilities of the Director of Finance include preparing reports, making presentations at City Council and other meetings, and serving on various internal and external committees, boards, and task forces. Another key role of the Director is analyzing the City's position relative to revenue streams and current and future contracts and making recommendations to the City Manager and City Council. This vital position participates in the development of the City's operating and capital improvement budgets and oversees the administration of both budgets. The Director manages the issuance and appropriate follow-up for tax-exempt bonds and monitors and evaluates legislation, potential legal actions, and other developments related to public financial management.


The ideal candidate will be a seasoned leader who has a proven track record in municipal finance. Superior team building and communication skills combined with a high level of financial expertise are essential for success in the position as the Camarillo executive team works closely together to address departmental and organizational challenges and opportunities. Top candidates will be adept at providing alternative solutions for consideration. In addition to being a good fit in this organization, department directors must be highly collaborative with other directors and proactively involved in the professional development of a small but talented and hardworking staff. Experience in budget development and preparing and presenting a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), understanding multi-year planning and forecasting processes, and familiarity with the development of comprehensive fiscal policies in concert with the City Manager and City Council is extremely critical.
The ideal candidate will have a passion for his/her profession and will convey a genuine pride for public service. As a team player who is energized by the successes of his/her staff, the successful candidate will be a people manager who enjoys developing and mastering new skills as well as fostering similar growth in others. A track record of attracting and retaining outstanding talent is highly desirable.
The ideal candidate will be expected to foster an environment that ensures superior customer experiences, a high degree of responsiveness, and innovative problem solving. He/she will have a sophisticated approach to external as well as internal customer service and appreciate the significance of individual interactions and their relation to reputation and relationships.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are necessary for maximum effectiveness in this critical role. The Director of Finance will be approachable and strive to foster healthy communications throughout the organization. The ideal candidate will be respected for his/her professionalism and technical competence. Demonstrated success in translating complex financial data and concepts into laypersons' terms is a prerequisite for success. The ability to convey credibility and engender trust will also be essential. A flawless ethical foundation is expected. The individual selected will possess a proven track record of being an adept problem solver and known for generating new ideas along with his/her ability to encourage creativity in others. He/she will have the demonstrated ability to embrace opportunities for change and implement improvements, while respecting the importance of history and tradition. A CPA License is desirable, though not mandatory.
The City's current Director of Finance is retiring on December 30, 2019, after nearly 3 years in the position. A contract Interim Director has been hired but is not a candidate for the permanent position.
The City is implementing OpenGov Financial Transparency and Reporting software and will be using it to build the two-year budget book for FY 2020-2022. Familiarity with the software and its capabilities is highly desirable.


Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be: Education ? This position requires a Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, public or business administration, or a closely related field. A Master's in Business Administration or Public Administration or other relevant advanced degree is preferred. Experience ? This position requires at least eight years of broad and extensive experience in accounting or finance including experience in management of professional staff. Experience working for a California public entity is strongly preferred although all highly qualified candidates are encouraged to submit career history and credentials for consideration. Private sector candidates must demonstrate a track record of significant interaction with public agencies to be seriously considered. Certification ? CPA license is desirable, though not mandatory.


This is a confidential recruitment and will be handled accordingly throughout the various stages of the process. Candidates should be aware that references will not be contacted until mutual interest has been established. Candidates are encouraged to apply immediately, with the first review of resumes to begin January 15, 2020. Application materials will continue to be accepted until the position is filled. Electronic submittals are strongly preferred to City of Camarillo at [email protected] and should include the following:

? Compelling cover letter;
? Comprehensive resume; and
? Five professional references.

Only the most highly qualified candidates will be invited for an on-site interview anticipated to be in early February 2020. It is anticipated that the newly selected Director of Finance will join the City of Camarillo in late March or early April (or potentially sooner), or on a mutually agreeable date. Confidential inquiries are welcomed to Carmen Nichols, Director of Administrative Services at (805) 383-5679.

  • Retirement ? All regular employees are enrolled in CalPERS. "Classic" members: 2% @ 55; City pays the employee contribution. "PEPRA" members: 2% @ 62; employee contributes 6.75% of salary.
  • Social Security - The City does not participate in Social Security. Receiving a CalPERS benefit may affect your Social Security upon retirement. For further information contact a Social Security office or
  • Medicare? Employees hired after April 1, 1986 are required to contribute 1.45% of earnings, with an equal amount paid by the City.
  • Defined Contribution ? The City contributes 7% of employee's gross salary to a 401a Plan.
  • Deferred Compensation ? Employees have the option to contribute to a 457 Plan up to the maximum allowed by law.
  • Health Insurance ? The City contributes $136 per month towards a selection of plans. Health insurance is effective the first of the month after date of hire.
  • Flex Benefit/Cafeteria Plan ? $1,396 monthly, which may be applied toward health insurance premiums. Unused money may be taken as cash, payable twice a month.
  • Dental/Vision Insurance ? City pays premium for employees and dependents. Dental/Vision insurance is effective the first of the month after date of hire.
  • Life Insurance ? City-paid term life insurance equal to the employee's annual salary, plus $5,000, rounded up to next $5,000 and dependent life insurance of $2,000 per dependent, is provided.
  • Short/Long Term Disability ? City pays premium for employees. Eligibility period: 0 days for injury/hospitalization or 7 days for an illness.
  • Retirement Health Savings (RHS) Plan ? Specified employee groups are mandated to participate in the RHS Plan.
  • Holidays ? 11 days (88 hours) plus 3 floating holidays (24 hours) per year.
  • Management Leave ? Executive and mid-management exempt employees receive 32-80 hours per year.
  • Vacation ? Vacation is determined by number of years of service. (0-4 years = 80 hrs; 5-9 years = 120 hrs; 10-14 years = 160 hrs; 15+ years = 168-200 hrs). Employees are eligible to use vacation after 6 months of employment.
  • Sick Leave ? 96 hours per year.
  • Comprehensive Annual Leave (CAL) ? Sanitary District Only. Combined vacation, sick and floating holiday leaves. (0-4 yrs = 160 hrs; 5-9 yrs = 200 hrs; 10-14 yrs = 240 hrs; 15+ yrs = 248-288 hrs)

Benefits listed may not reflect all benefits offered. Not all benefits apply to all positions. Regular, part-time employees receive pro-rated benefits. Additional information is available by contacting Human Resources.

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