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January 11, 2019
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Job Summary

WHO MAY APPLY: This recruitment is open to all applicants meeting the minimum requirements. First consideration will be given to applicants working in the Clerk's office in a position covered by the 1553 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA); second consideration given to County-wide applicants in a position covered by the 1553 CBA; third consideration given to applicants covered by the Master Contract CBA; fourth consideration will be given to all other applicants.

TOTAL COMPENSATION: $38,746.82 - $52,283.90 annually. Total compensation is an estimate based upon base compensation, median retirement fund contributions, and current employer-paid health and related benefit contribution rates (including medical, dental, life insurance, long term disability, and leave). The actual total will vary depending upon each employee's enrollment choices.

This is specialized office support work in the Spokane County Clerk's Office for the Superior Court in legal process of judgments, criminal, civil, domestic, probate, guardianship, adoption, paternity, civil commitment, dismissals, appeals and juvenile dependency, offender, and truancy. Examples of Duties

Prepare, process and enter all cases and documents filed into the JIS statewide systems. Process and enter all restraining orders, ensuring law enforcement has been accurately notified. Process, and insure safekeeping of all confidential reports & files and not permit examination except in conformity with court rules. Prepare case file folders and labels; place documents into case files and file same.

Review and prepare all documents for scanner accommodations, verify information, and place into proper legal order. Scan documents into the Imaging system, index and link to SCOMIS. Each page must be reviewed, ensuring the image is accurate as the permanent official court record wherein the integrity of the image must be maintained in perpetuity. Resolve errors, discrepancies, document deletes, re-scan and commit images to verify information in the Imaging system. Print, fax and distribute images and/or documents as required to various county, state departments & agencies, insuring the safekeeping of confidential court records.

Process and enter all judgment documents & money amounts, appeals from courts of limited jurisdiction, appeals to courts of higher jurisdiction, and change of venues to other counties. Maintain reports to ensure compliance with state statutes, court rules, and statistics. Prepare, process and verify dismissals for want of prosecution. Initiate or assist in identifying, evaluating and resolving problems occurring in day-to-day operations and in the JIS, SCOMIS and Imaging systems.

Prepare legal documents, court orders, abstracts of judgment, and letters for transfer of assets; process transcripts of court hearings and trials; record court proceedings in civil commitment cases; respond to or initiate contact with other agencies, attorneys and individuals when required. Process all criminal judgment & sentences to Sentencing Guidelines Commission, prepare removal of rights notices to Elections Depts., Firearms reporting, Dept. of Licensing reporting and abstracts to various state depts.

Prepare correspondence; advise and assist attorneys, court personnel and others in filing of proper documents in specific court areas; review and maintain current laws and rules to insure legal implementation; adapt work procedures to comply with technological advances. Research microfilm, search for missing documents, files, and rebuild court records from microfilm or Imaging system.

Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Requirements

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: One year of experience at a level of Court Clerk or at a level equivalent to Office Assistant 3 in a related work area. Can substitute up to two years of other clerical work. Two years of education may be substituted for the general clerical work experience.


Selection Factors

Considerable knowledge of:
?the legal terminology and the court procedures of the Superior Courts as they relate to judgments, processing all pleadings and Juvenile Court procedures.
?current laws and rules governing the office of the County Clerk and the specific court area.
Knowledge of:
?technical court processing methods, forms and techniques.
?domestic relations court methods, forms and techniques.
?technical methods used in image processing.

Ability to:
?scan and link court pleadings within the established standard.
?understand and execute oral and written instructions and to apply available guidelines to various situations.
?deal effectively and maintain good working relationships with the Court, its offices and the public.
?establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and co-workers.
?communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Skilled in:

  • the use of personal computer, software and equipment related to performing the required duties.

Employee Benefits Summary


Spokane County Observed Holidays
Ten paid holidays are observed by County employees. Represented employees should consult their perspective collective bargaining agreement regarding holidays.

For employees with less than five (5) years of continuous service, you receive one day a month for a total of 12 days per year. After six (6) months, employees are eligible to take accumulated vacation time. Vacation time accrual increases every 5 years up to a maximum at 25 or more years of service of 27 days per year. This totals up to 12 days per year available to use for vacation plus a personal holiday leave accrual.

For positions that have PTO available, no wait to use your time and you will have up to 21 days accrued each year to use for either sick or vacation time off.

Sick Leave
Sick leave is earned one day per month and can be taken as the days are accumulated. Unused sick leave hours carry over each year until you reach the cap of 75 days.

Other Leaves
Spokane County provides several other paid and unpaid leaves, such as: bereavement leave, Family and Medical Leave, maternity leave, jury duty and military duty leave.


Medical Insurance
Two plans are currently available: PREMERA BLUE CROSS PREFERRED PROVIDER and GROUP HEALTH NORTHWEST. Spokane County pays 95% of the premium for full-time employees and 90% of the premiums for spouses and dependents. Please note that we have two pay periods per month.

2018 Rates:
Premera Kaiser:
Employee Only: $17.18 per pay period Employee: $16.23 per pay period
Employee & Spouse: $67.55 per pay period Employee & Spouse: $63.50 per pay period
Employee & Family: $94.70 per pay period Employee & Family: $88.58 per pay period
Employee & Child(ren): $61.52 per pay period Employee & Child(ren): $58.09 per pay

Dental Insurance
Two plans are currently available: DELTA DENTAL OF WASHINGTON and WILLAMETTE DENTAL. Spokane County pays 95% of the premium for full-time employees and 90% of the premiums for spouses and dependents.

2017 Rates:
Delta Dental Willamette Dental
Employee: $2.71 per pay period Employee: $2.90 per pay period
Family: $5.42 per pay period Family: $5.80 per pay period

Long Term Disability Coverage
All employees are automatically enrolled for Long Term Disability except Spokane County Deputy Sheriff's Association employees which have their own plan. Spokane County pays the premium for this plan.

Group Life Insurance
The County provides a $10,000 employee group life insurance policy to each employee. This benefit is paid in full by Spokane County.


Retirement Plan (401a)
Spokane County employees are automatically included in the WASHINGTON STATE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM (PERS). Both the employer and the employee contribute to the plan. This retirement plan provides a lifetime monthly benefit once vested and at retirement age.

Tax Deferred Compensation (457b)
Employees may supplement their retirement income and save money on taxes by participating in this optional County program. There are choices of two plan providers: Nationwide and Empower Retirement. Former employer plans can be rolled into the deferred compensation plan.


Supplemental insurance is optional and is provided by AFLAC to help pay for benefits not covered by major medical insurance. The employee pays 100% of the premium.

Flexible Spending Plan (FSA)
Spokane County sponsors a Section 125 Flexible Spending Account to allow you to pay for your out-of-pocket Medical Expenses with Tax Free Dollars. The FSA allows you to make an annual election and have pre-tax money withheld from your paycheck and reimbursed to you for eligible medical expenses. Contract year is January 1 ? December 31. Enrollment only available during Open Enrollment. Premiums are automatically set up pre-tax under the FSA.

Travel Assistance
Provides additional travel protections anytime you travel more than 100 miles from home. Includes pre-trip information, emergency ticket replacement, legal assistance while traveling and emergency evacuation coverage. This benefit is paid in full by Spokane County.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance
Voluntary Term Life Insurance is optional and provided through The Standard Insurance Company and is subject to application review and approval. Additional coverage up to $500,000 is available for employees, spouse/domestic partner. Dependent children can be insured up to $10,000 each. The employee pays 100% of the premium.


Employee Assistance Program
Employees and their family members are eligible to receive free confidential assistance from an outside agency to assist with problems related to: marriage, family, alcohol, drugs, personal and work. These services are available up to eight (8) sessions per year/per issue. There are also benefits relating to financial and legal concerns.

Reduced Cost Bus Pass Program
Spokane County encourages employees to use alternatives to driving along to work and participates in a program offered by Spokane Transit Authority (STA) to reduce the cost of bus passes. The program provides employees the option to pay $5 per month for a bus pass.

Wellness Programs
There are opportunities for nearby exercise programs at reduced cost and education programs around wellness themes including financial well-being, nutrition and stress reduction.

The above is a brief list of benefits available to Spokane County regular employees. Complete information is available from Human Resources Department. This information is subject to change.

Please check the box that applies to your current Union status (if you are not a current Spokane County employee, please select "I am not a Union member").

  • I am in the open position's department and my position is covered by the 1553 collective bargaining agreement
  • I am in another department and my position is covered by the 1553 collective bargaining agreement
  • I am in a position covered by the Master Contract collective bargaining agreement (not 1553)
  • I am in a position covered by another collective bargaining agreement (not 1553 or Master Contract)
  • None of the above apply

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