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December 6, 2018
Plymouth City Hall, Minnesota
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Provides leadership and direction in the development, design, and construction of public improvement projects in the city in a manner that will effectively meet the needs of the city, considering the cost, effect on environment, and general welfare of the residents of Plymouth. Performs administrative, supervisory, and professional civil engineering work including planning and directing the engineering division and providing leadership and visioning for the Public Works Department.

Estimated 2019 Salary Range: $104,977-$135,318

Essential Functions

Leadership: Leads, supervises and develops staff in a manner that inspires professionalism, strong inter- and intradepartmental communication, team building and alignment with city values.

  • Fosters a respectful workplace culture and champions diversity and inclusion.
  • Demonstrates inspirational leadership, promotes collaboration at all levels and empowers staff to
    be innovative decision-makers.
  • Provides effective management by appropriate supervision, delegation, coaching, and training.
  • Participates in professional organizations and implements best practices where appropriate.
  • Provides feedback through formal and informal performance management.


  • Serves as active participant on the public works leadership team and advisor to the public works director.
  • Promotes interdepartmental cross-training for employees.
  • Works with all city departments to ensure collaboration and efficient delivery of services across all citywide functions.
  • Develops and reviews budgets and related documentation as submitted by division supervisors to ensure that fiscal priorities are properly established and coordinated between divisions.
  • Develops policies and procedures to ensure purchasing and contracting best practices are used.
  • Partners with other government jurisdictions, commissions, professional and private organizations
    on public works initiatives.
  • Directs the operations planning and implementation of programs; monitors program performance
    and implements needed improvements.

Plans, organizes and directs the Engineering Division.

  • Is responsible for the planning, engineering, inspection and construction of water and sewer facilities, streets, bridges, storm sewers and other city development, as necessary.
  • Organizes and assigns work to be performed by division staff.
  • Reviews and evaluates methods and procedures to determine applicability to the design and construction of the city's street and utility systems.
  • Directs the scheduling of public improvement project hearings and special assessment hearings for construction projects.

Coordinates activities of consulting engineers and other specialists retained by the city to assist the division.

  • Provides technical guidance to consultants to achieve city objectives.
  • Monitors performance to insure compliance with established schedule and budget.
  • Reports scheduling and budget problems promptly to Director of Public Works.

Develops effective communication techniques with the council, staff, and public to explain construction programs and receive input to determine support for construction projects.

Assists the Public Works Director in maintaining project management over engineering consultant services and contractors assigned to work in the city.

  • Acts as a liaison between city and consultants on applicable projects.
  • Participates in the selection of consultant engineers.
  • Assists with the reviews and recommends work done by consultants.

Assists the Public Works Director in maintaining and administering an adequate engineering information system.

  • Oversees the updating and maintenance of city maps and development plans.
  • Oversees the preparation and maintenance of record drawings for all city projects.
  • Oversees and administrates the Municipal State Aid Needs Program including Mileage Reporting,
    State Aid Project Reporting, and similar duties as assigned.
  • Ensures information is made available for development purposes and public inquiry.
  • Oversees and coordinates the city's asset management program as it relates to engineering assets such as streets.

Assists the Public Works Director in providing technical engineering services to other city departments

  • Attends Planning Commission and City Council meetings as needed.

Acts as a liaison and coordinates projects with other governmental agencies and related organizations.

Prepares and administers the Engineering Division budget.
Prepares the Capital Improvement Plan.

  • Analyzes projects and prepares the draft CIP proposal for engineering-related projects.
  • Assists the Public Works Director in prioritization of equipment and other Department related capital projects.

Communicates with residents to explain projects, provide information and resolve concerns and conflicts.

Assists and coordinates the operation and staff of the Public Works Department with direction from the Public Works Director to ensure desired level of service is being provided.

  • Encourages a team approach within the department.
  • Assigns, schedules, directs and reviews work of employees directly supervised.
  • Hires, disciplines and directs employees under his/her control in accordance with the personnel policies of the city and/or applicable union; resolves grievances.
  • Plans and directs training opportunities for department employees to develop their potential and ability to function in their jobs.
  • Reviews and evaluates the performance of those departmental employees directly responsible to him/her on a regular basis.
  • Defines and delegates authority and responsibility to appropriate subordinates.

Supervises Assistant City Engineer, Water Resources Manager, clerical staff, and others as assigned.

  • Establishes work goals, priorities and coordinates division activities.
  • Coordinates ongoing division training, safety and risk management efforts.
  • Recommends the hiring, discipline and discharge of employees as necessary.
  • Conducts performance reviews and provides direction for goal setting.
  • Approves or delegates all employment actions for the division.

Provides advice and recommendations to the Public Works Director

  • Prepares factual, clear, concise written reports with specific recommendations.
  • Serves as an active member of various management staff teams created to deal with specific problems and issues.
  • Reviews proposals submitted by other management staff members and makes appropriate comments and recommendations.
  • Keeps the Director of Public Works and appropriate management staff members informed on important developments that may affect the administration of city government.
  • Maintains current knowledge of innovative ideas and developments and recommends changes in current operations and practices where applicable.

Makes public presentations and deals with the public on an as needed basis, including answering and addressing citizen telephone calls, e-mails, and complaints.

Oversees the management of engineering related projects.

Recognizes and recommends opportunities to secure funding of desirable projects from Federal, State, County and/or other agencies when the use of such funding would be advantageous for the City of Plymouth.

Maintains adequate and readily available records to ensure information is made available for private and/or public development purposes.

Establishes and oversees engineering policies and procedures and ensures a safe and effective work environment for staff.

May act on behalf of the Public Works Director from time to time in his/her absence.

Keeps Director of Public Works promptly informed on important developments he/she must know in order
to perform effectively.

Directs the review of all private developments in the city to determine compatibility with city policy on utilities, grading, streets, and associated improvements.

Performs related work as apparent or assigned.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in civil engineering or related field from an accredited college or university.
  • Five years of engineering/public works experience including at least three years of
    supervisory experience.
  • Registered as a professional engineer in Minnesota.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to direct and supervise the work of a wide variety of personnel.
  • Must be able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with employees,
    municipal officials, other government agencies, contractors and citizens.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively orally, graphically and in writing.
  • Must be a creative and innovative thinker.
  • Must have a valid Class "D" Minnesota driver's license.
Supplemental Information

City Engineer Physical Requirements

Physical Activities

Very Frequent
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Walking
  • Repetitive hand motion
  • Stationary desk or bench work with neck bent forward
  • Lifting
  • Pushing/Pulling
  • Carrying
  • Climbing
  • Kneeling (bending leg at knee and resting on knee)
  • Bending at waist
  • Reaching (extending hands and arms in any direction)
  • Handling objects (grasping, turning or otherwise using hands or hand)
  • Use of arm muscles over extended periods
  • Use of leg muscles over extended periods
  • Overhead work (over shoulder height)


  • Crawling (moving about on hands and knees)
  • Crouching (bending at knees)

Are the Following Weights Lifted? If Yes, Describe.

0-10 pounds X
11-24 pounds X
25-34 pounds X
35-50 pounds X
51-74 pounds
75-100 pounds
  • The employee must be able to lift items such as survey equipment.
  • The employee must be able to lift object(s) from 0 to 3 feet.

Are the Following Weights Carried? If Yes, Describe.

0-10 pounds X
11-24 pounds X
25-34 pounds X
35-50 pounds X
51-74 pounds
75-100 pounds
  • The employee must be able to carry items such as survey equipment.
  • The employee must be able to carry object(s) from 1 to mile.

Job Requires The Following:

  • Working outdoors? Yes
  • Working indoors? Yes
  • Operating forklifts, dangerous machinery or vehicles? No
  • Supervising other employees? Yes
  • Working with chemicals? No
  • Working near fumes/vapors? Yes
  • Driving is an essential function? Yes, driving is an essential function

  • Employer-paid medical, dental, vision and life insurance for the employee
  • 18 days of annual leave per year
  • 40 hours of extended illness leave per year
  • 10.5 holidays per year
  • Employer-paid pension
  • Tax free post-employment health care savings plans
  • Training and Development

Other Benefits:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Disability Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • FMLA
  • Funeral Leave
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical and Dependent Care flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
  • Military Leave
  • Voluntary Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Wellness Program

Note: benefits may vary based upon labor agreements.

BE AS COMPLETE AS POSSIBLE. The following supplemental questions are used as a scored evaluation of your knowledge, skills and experience for this position. By completing this supplemental evaluation you are attesting that the information you have provided is accurate. Be certain that the answers you provide correspond to the information you provided on your application and in your resume. Any mis-statements or falsification of information may eliminate you from consideration or may result in dismissal. "See resume" is not an acceptable answer to the supplemental questions. If you do not have experience in an area listed, type "NA".

  • Yes, I understand and agree with this statement.
  • No, I do not agree with this statement.
Please describe your experience leading and directing in the development, design, and construction of public works and/or engineering projects. Be thorough and include details regarding where and when you obtained this experience. If you do not have this experience, please type "NA".

    Please describe your experience developing relationships and collaborating across an organization. Be thorough and include details regarding where and when you obtained this experience. If you do not have this experience, please type "NA".

      What do you believe are two or three of the most important responsibilities for someone in this position? Why?

        Please describe your involvement in the Public Works/Engineering industry. How would your colleagues describe you?

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