Take the United Postal Worker Exams!

Everything you need to know about the Postal Exam 471 and more! 

United Postal Worker Exam

After you have searched and applied for the specific United Postal Worker position, you are required to take an exam and pass with a 70 or above on a scale from 0 to 100, but aim for the 90s to boost your chances of being selected for an interview. There are several Postal exams you can take depending on which position you apply for, but we mainly focus on the Postal 473 exam as it applies to all the Mail Carrier jobs you will be interviewed for. 

The Process 

When you submit an application on the USPS website, there is a possibility of being invited to take the Assessment portion of the exam. Be aware there is a limit on how many applicants USPS can invite to take this part of the exam. When they reach their quota, you will not be invited. This is also the part of the exam where you will be marked as either “eligible” or “ineligible” to proceed.
If you are eligible, USPS will send you an email informing you of your eligibility and you can then schedule the second part of the test at your convenience. The second part of the test will be proctored or supervised.

150 Questions


The test is timed




The first part of the exam is the Personal Characteristics and Experiences Inventory section. When you search for jobs on the USPS website, there will be a notice stating whether the maximum number of people invited has been reached and you will not receive an invitation.
The second part of the test assuming you receive an invitation to go to a testing center would be the Postal Exam itself, which you need to achieve the highest score possible to have the best chances of being selected for an interview opportunity. 
The parts of the exam we feel are most important and challenging would be the Forms Completion and Address Verification sections of the test, which we have more information on in the following links:

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