Become A USPS Mail Carrier Today!

Want to be part of an organization with a proven track record of over 100 years? How about great pay and generous government benefits? If you love all of this, then this job is the right fit for you! Keep reading for more information about becoming a City Mail Carrier for the United States Postal Service.

Becoming a City Mail Carrier and Getting Promoted

If you love challenges and heavy lifting, then a city mail carrier job may be right for you. Working as a City Mail Carrier requires determination, fitness, and persistence to succeed. You will be driving in all kinds of weather and conditions and carrying mailbags with up to 35 pounds of baggage and having to load trays with up to 70 pounds of mail and parcels. If you become great at this job, the rewards and job security will make the challenges worth it. We believe our Job Simulator and practice exams will prepare you for the rigors of an exciting position like this.

There’s a chance you may start out as a City Mail Carrier Assistant. You would be performing many of the same duties as a regular City Carrier. The pay starts out at $16 according to Glassdoor and ranges up to $17 per hour. In terms of an annual salary, this amounts to around $31,000 a year and can give you a foot in the door at the USPS provided you pass the 473 postal exam. This requirement also applies for the City Carrier job.

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City Mail Carrier Assistant vs. City Mail Carrier 

The main difference between a City Mail Carrier Assistant and a City Mail Carrier is the former position is designed to help you start your career. Once you become a City Mail Carrier, you’ll have more opportunities to explore new routes and reporting to your supervisor weekly. It’s much more varied than a starting City Mail Carrier Assistant position with all the places you’ll be able to visit, which is perfect for travel lovers.

Plus, you will receive approximately a $2.50 increase to your hourly pay and receive increases every 46 weeks as a mail carrier out in the San Diego area describes it and reach the limit at around 12.4 years, so there are plenty of chances of increase your pay as you develop more experience on the job. Treat each part of this process as a stepping stone to eventually getting the salary you want and the job security you desire.

Deliver Mail

Travel along designated routes delivering mail to homes and businesses


Notify Supervisor

Notifying your supervisor of unusual changes or unexpected outcomes 


Examine Mail Cards

Examining advertiser mailing cards and address checking of commercial mailers


Document Changes

Document any changes to addresses and sending the information for processing



Handle C.O.D.

Collect on Delivery mail and  payment while gathering receipts 

Customer Contact

Deliver notices to customers informing them of any wrongly addressed mail 


Required Qualifications 

The best part about a lucrative job position like this lies in the simplicity of what you need upfront to qualify. If you’re a U.S. Citizen and already have a high school diploma or GED, go right ahead and explore all the possibilities coming from a job like this.

You don’t even need to go to college either for this role, and that’s good news in an economy where employers are relying on finding the right people with the right skills rather than relying solely on a piece of paper to make such a determination about people like you. Most importantly, you need to be able to interact with the public in a friendly way. Great communication with others is a must!


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Getting Started

Remember, you will need to pass the appropriate exam to be considered during the interview process. If you pass with a score between the 70s and 90s, you will be eligible for an interview, but you’ll have the greatest chances if you make anywhere between 80 and 100. Aim for as high of a score as possible and you will be well on your way to landing that City Mail Carrier job.

To get started, visit the USPS Career Pages website and find out more about this position. You will discover current openings, opportunities, and the job application itself.