United Postal Service Positions

Mail Carrier

You will be assigned a specific location and route to travel and deliver mail either by foot or in your vehicle. Yes, you would be the mailman for various neighborhoods. You can either become a City Mail Carrier, a Rural Mail Carrier, and a Highway Contract Mail Carrier. The work for each is essentially the same, but is targeted towards individuals looking for full-time work, part-time work, and contract work.

Mail Handler

Mail Handlers tend to work behind the scenes and unload mail containers and move mail equipment around the building. You can think of this job as being targeted towards people who prefer to not be in the public eye as much as the Mail Carriers. Some of the packages you will be working with can weigh up to 70 pounds, so there is still some lifting involved too. 

Mail Clerk

Mail Clerk jobs are a lot like Mail Handler jobs, but with much of a customer focus. You do need to have great customer service skills to succeed, and you’ll be working a lot with inbound and outbound mail. You will also use automated systems to sort packages. 

Window Clerk

If there’s any position at the US Postal Office which is most similar to what you might have done at your previous job, it would be the Window Clerk job. Much of this job involves retail and customer service skills and you’re there to solve problems for the customers directly at the post office. You will also calculate postage and sell stamps. Having a good breadth of interpersonal skills will help you be a great Window Clerk with enough motivation and passion. 

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