Is drug testing something you need to include in your company’s hiring process? Truthfully, there’s no one right answer. You’ll need to be familiar with your state’s workplace drug testing laws, to begin with. Legalities aren’t the only elements of making this decision. Many employers choose to use drug testing in their hiring process because of the safety and productivity improvements drug testing can bring about. To make the best decision for your business, ask yourself the following questions. First, get the legalities out of the way. Then, ask yourself a few more personal questions about your business.

Do You Understand Workplace Drug Testing Laws in Your State?

For a drug testing program to be the most effective, you’ll need to become very familiar with the drug testing laws in your state. Study and understand the different circumstances where employers are able to use drug tests in the workplace. Pre-employment drug testing usually occurs after the prospective employee has been made a conditional offer of employment. If the drug test returns negative, the employee will be hired.

What Do You Expect to Gain from Using Drug Testing in Your Employment Process?

You can gain a lot from having an employment drug testing program in your business. For starters, it verifies that your company is making an effort to increase workplace safety by identifying drug-using employees and removing them. Persistent drug-users often do not perform at the level that non-drug-users do. Drug testing is one step you can take to see that your workplace productivity is not being compromised.

Do You Have the Budget For It?

Drug testing may be cost-prohibitive for some companies. Depending on the test used, the costs can surmount to around per person. That being said, does your company have the budget to not use drug testing? Workplace drug testing can actually save your business money in the long run. When drug testing is included in your business’s hiring process, you will have fewer drug-related incidents that end in you having to let those employees go. Bad hires can cost businesses thousands of dollars. By removing drug-users from the applicant pool, you’re reducing the chance that you’ll have to fire someone and replace them due to a drug-related incident.

There are many reasons to implement a drug testing program within your company. As with any other policy changes within your business, be sure you clearly inform your employees and applicants about your drug testing policy. By drug testing, you’re maintaining a safe work environment for your employees, reducing the number of bad hires, and reducing the likelihood of issues such as theft, workplace violence and accidents, and property damage.