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Most of the standard requirements to work in law enforcement are objective and easy to interpret; for example, you either are or are not old enough, or you either have a driver license, or you don’t. On the other hand, there are a couple of requirements that may leave you wondering still whether you’re qualified for the job.

About determining whether you are of good moral character, states don’t usually have a list of behaviors that are or are not okay. Instead, they rely on general principles, such as your past criminal history, defaulted loans or other debts, or previously undetected crimes (crimes that you committed, but weren’t caught).

Individual law enforcement departments are usually left to make the determination on whether your moral character is up to their standards, which is why they conduct such stringent background investigations and may require a polygraph exam and a psychological exam to determine your suitability for law enforcement.

With regards to whether you meet the physical requirements for the job, the first step to finding out is by seeing a physician and getting a physical exam. You can also learn about the specific physical testing employed by your department of choice – whether a physical abilities test or a physical fitness assessment – and see how you measure up. That can give you an idea of where you’re at, as well as where you need to be to get qualified.

Step 1: Complete an Application

Step: 2: Take the Law Enforcement Exam

Step 3: Once you pass the law enforcement exam, take the physical exam.  This includes lifting, running, jumping, and other kinds of physical activities that law enforcement officers are required to do.

Step 4: Take the medical exam

Step 5: The interview process

Step 6: A background and character investigation occurs.


Step Three: Take the Law Enforcement Exam

Passing the Law Enforcement Exam is a requirement before being considered for employment at any Federal, State, Local law enforcement agency. Doing well on the exam is important due to they will only invite the top 3 scores of each class to the interview. A passing score is 70, but to receive an invitation you will need to score in the 80’s and 90’s.

Step Four: Prepare for the Interview

The final step of the hiring process is the interview. Only the top 3 scores from each testing class receive an invitation for a face to face interview. This section will give you an idea on what to expect at the interview.


Why Use Job Support Services?

Over 80% of all applicants fail to complete the hiring process due to being unprepared. Every applicant handles the stress of a timed exam differently, knowing what to expect is half the battle. The failure rates alone prove the case that preparation will increase your chances of getting hired. Click Start on the Video and listen to what our applicants say about our program.