The First Step of the Hiring Process

Starting Your Career as an Emergency Service Professional

The first step is to submit your completed application online. You must turn in ALL the required documents along with your application in order to be considered for a Hiring Process.

Once your application is complete and approved, you will receive an official invitation with instructions for preparation for the day of the hiring process.

General Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Hold a current NREMT certification or state license at the EMT level or higher
  • Successfully complete a CAAHEP-accredited Paramedic program (or a program that has a CAAHEP “Letter of Review”) within the past two years. The course Program Director must verify he candidate’s successful completion of the course through the NREMT website
  • Have a current CPR-BLS for “Healthcare Provider” or equivalent credential
  • Successfully complete NREMT cognitive (knowledge) and psychomotor (skills) exams
  • Passed portions of the cognitive and psychomotor exam remain valid for 24 months, provided all other eligibility requirements are met
Postal Job Hiring Guide

Step Two: Search for Available Jobs

You can search for available emergency service jobs at your local, state, or federal website, or use our job search tool on this website. We simplify the process by using your zip code and creating job alerts to let you know when jobs come available.


Step Three: Take the Law Enforcement Exam

Taking the Emergency Service Exam is the most important part of the hiring process. A passing score is 80, but in order to receive an invitation to the interview you will need to score in the high 80’s to 90’s. 

Step Four: Prepare for the Interview

The names and applications of the highest-ranking candidates are referred to the selecting official.  Applicants who are selected may or may not receive an interview.  It is important to record an high score on the exam in order to be selected  for an interview.


Why Use Job Support Services?

Over 80% of all applicants fail to complete the hiring process due to being unprepared. Every applicant handles the stress of a timed exam differently, knowing what to expect is half the battle. The failure rates alone prove the case that preparation will increase your chances of getting hired. 

Speak with a Job Specialist

We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST. 

Start Preparing for the exam

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