The Final Step of the Interview Process 

The Final Face to Face Interview

The Final Interview

Preparing For The Interview
When applying for a Emergency Service position there are usually several forms you must complete. You will be required to mail some of these forms back to the agency. Other forms may be collected during the interview. Prior to the interview make sure you have accurately completed all the paperwork. The interviewers will be reviewing the information you have listed. If there are uncompleted portions or you are missing certain forms, this makes you look bad. It may also disqualify you from proceeding any further in the application process. It looks better if you type all the information. However, neatly printing with a pen is usually acceptable. Remember, the forms you have completed reflect you. It gives the interviewers a little insight into your organizational abilities.

In the days prior to the interview you should review the questions you believe you will be asked as well as your answers to those questions. The Boy Scouts motto of being prepared is very applicable. You do not want to go into the interview winging it. Everyone has a certain degree of nervousness when sitting in front of an interview panel. You want to look your best and sound your best. Avoid becoming tongue-tied by rehearsing your answers.

The postal interview

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Over 80% of all applicants fail to complete the hiring process due to being unprepared. Every applicant handles the stress of a timed exam differently, knowing what to expect is half the battle. The failure rates alone prove the case that preparation will increase your chances of getting hired. Click Start on the Video and listen to what our applicants say about our program.

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