If you are looking for your first or next civil service job, it can be overwhelming. After all, there are many areas to choose from. And picking the wrong location can have a large negative effect on your pay, your mood, and your family’s overall lifestyle. Luckily, you can pick a spot that offers great job prospects and a quality of living above the rest. Here are the best communities to consider if you are engaged in civil service as a career:


Austin Civil Service Jobs

If you like the idea of great tacos and sunny weather year-round, then look no further than Austin, Texas. This is the capital of the state, meaning that civil service work is plentiful. The salaries are also generous. But what’s more, you don’t have to pay state income tax on your salary, so you get to put more of it back in your pocket every few weeks than many other locations.


Connecticut Civil Service JobsConnecticut offers many benefits for those looking for a great civil service job and location. According to ADT Home Defenders, the crime rate in the state of Connecticut is lower than the national average: by over 24% for violent crimes and by just over 4% for property crimes. It is also near the sea, allowing you to enjoy fresh seafood or a day at the beach. Furthermore, it is located not too far from Boston or New York City so you can take mini vacations to large cities when the time is right without having to break your budget on airfare.



Washington, DC

Washington DC Civil Service JobsIf you are looking to go into government service, DC is a safe bet. Housing the nation’s capital, you won’t be short of opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that winters in D.C. can be harsh. You are going to be competing with civil service employees from all walks of life who also want to live there. DC is also not known for being a particularly safe community.



San Diego

San Diego Civil Service Jobs

With palm trees and miles of beaches, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself in San Diego. This is important for civil workers, as salaries are not as high as the private sector on average across the country.

When it comes to finding a great place to work, it is always a challenge. And this even more so for government employees and civil service employees. You need not just a great local government but also a great environment and pay scale. Luckily, the locations above offer great communities for your career change right now.