Security guards are those that you typically see manning the post at grocery stores, gas stations, casinos, and the lobbies of successful businesses and law firms. However, with technological advances touching every sector of the workforce, some are beginning to wonder if the field of security guards is under a revolution. Are contracted guards slowly but surely being replaced by 24/7 computer monitors? Despite what some may think, the field of security will always have a place for physical guards.

The Benefits of Computer Monitoring

Some small businesses choose security systems over a physical security guard to be more cost-effective. Seeing as it can be expensive to pay an agency to hire someone to protect your premises during business hours and after the fact. There is also the element of 24/7 mobile monitoring and perks such as automatically calling the police in the event of a break-in, and it also helps in that it continues to record the suspects.  Also, many business owners appreciate the ability to check in on their business when they are absent from the premises, and many security systems now have features where an owner can check the cameras on their phone as they eat dinner at home.

Benefits of Security Guards

The benefits of a security guard, however, are more than simple surveillance. Security guards can often be crime deterrents if a company is selected for a crime of opportunity because a criminal might think twice about breaking in if they see a security guard manning the building. Granted, a security system could help to catch thieves after they break in, but why not prevent it ahead of time with a human presence? Also, certain security guards could have the ability to detain suspects until officers arrive, helping things to get taken care of quicker instead of sending the police on a wild goose chase. Additionally, computer monitoring and security guards can be combined for tight-nit building security. This way, owners can still check in on their building remotely, but they can also sleep well at night knowing that someone else is in charge of watching things while everyone sleeps.

Staying Up-to-Date  

With the field being divided into various facets, some may wonder how to break into the sphere of security. Just like any job industry, the key to staying relevant is staying up-to-date. Make yourself more valuable if you’re interested in going into the security guard industry. Get familiar with security systems and how to best use them and the monitors. Additionally, being certified and trained for many different security situations could make you a more desirable candidate. A company wants to feel confident in the security they hire and in the qualifications their security guard has to help maintain their safety. Do some research and look at the jobs available in your area. Look into what companies are searching for and do your best to tailor yourself to their common desires. It may even be necessary for you to obtain a guard card and firearm permit before starting your first security job. This will help you to stand out as a candidate and improve your chances of finding work.

There are many paths to take in the realm of security. The field certainly is not dead to those who want to enter it as traditional guards, but considering the prevalence and success of security systems, it might be wise to learn how to best utilize these systems and make yourself more valuable. The security systems don’t have to replace security guards when they can work extremely well together.